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Guardianship actions can help protect Arkansas children

The unconditional love parents feel for their children is irreplaceable. Sometimes, though, parents for some reason are unable to provide their children with that love and affection. Regardless of the reason, the end result is often a neglected child who can have serious issues as he or she grows toward adulthood. Children who develop without strong attachments to nurturing adults are well known to experience a wide variety of problems, especially those involving intimate relationships.

To prevent such unfortunate developments, laws throughout the country, including those in Arkansas, have provisions that enable persons other than the parents to request and be awarded guardianship of a child. The process was discussed in an earlier post on this blog, but it begins when person files a court petition to become a guardian. A court then considers the best interests of the child and determines whether the person requesting guardianship meets the basic criteria of a responsible adult. In some cases, a court may inspect the prospective guardian’s home and resources before granting guardianship.

Even if a court grants a request for guardianship of a child, the guardian must still complete a number of legal formalities. For this reason, it may be wise to engage the services of an experienced family law attorney.

The Worsham Law Firm has plenty of experience in dealing with guardianship in Arkansas and may be a good choice for anyone who needs help with this family law issue. We are, in fact, a family law firm whose practice deals with guardianship-related issues on a regular basis. With our understanding of state and federal laws, we can help a client complete the guardianship action smoothly and also assist in any matter related to guardianship in the future. For a better understanding of our practice, please visit our Guardianship page.

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