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Guardianship better option than abusive mother for child’s safety

To a parent, nothing should be more important than their child. They can take any measure for the protection and well-being of their children. Unfortunately, in some cases, the parents are not able to provide the care that the children deserve. Here, the legal process intervenes and arranges for a guardianship for the child.

In a recent case, a father came to dependency court and asked for the arrest of the mother of their 4-year-old son. According to reports, the mother has supposedly taken the child to Arkansas, where her family lives. The mother has addiction problems that kept her bouncing in and out of rehabilitation centers and jails. Because of the mother’s addiction, the child was sent to foster care two years ago for few days, as the father had no relatives that lived nearby.

With the course of time, the mother started improving and wanted parental custody of the child and, therefore, foiled the foster parents’ appeal to adopt the child. However, she has taken up to her addiction again and kidnapped the child. If the mother is arrested, who is going to adopt the child again? The former foster parents are anxious to adopt the child again, since now he will have to live with strangers. This is the major concern of the father.

If parents are incapable of taking care of a child because of drug abuse, financial stress or parental death, the child is handed over to guardians, normally the grandparents. However, if the guardians are incapable of taking care of the child, the legal process interferes to arrange for a safe home for the child.

Source: The AWL, “Jacob And His Mother Are Wanted In Court,” Natasha Vargas-Cooper,

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