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Helping parents make informed decisions about child custody

In divorces involving minor children that take place anywhere in the country, including Arkansas, children often lose the most. If their parents are fighting before, during and even after the divorce has been finalized, children can feel insecure and anxious and dread the new changes in their lives. Divorcing couples might move from love to anger and resentment, but their children often are heartbroken and sometimes resentful that they will no longer live with both parents under the same roof.

Determining child custody can be a complex decision and should always be made with the best interests of children in mind. To this end, more and more courts are awarding joint custody to parents so that their children will be able to maintain relationships with and have the support and guidance of both parents. To make sure a joint custody arrangement will work as intended, parents need the support of experienced attorneys who can provide advice on which arrangements are best.

The lawyers at Worsham Law Firm have more than three decades of experience helping clients navigate complicated family law matters. They understand that joint custody is not always popular and that some parents want sole custody and only minimal interactions between their children and the other parent. In these cases, individuals need the advice of an astute attorney who may be able to work toward the parenting plan that the client desires. However, if shared custody is right for the family, the attorneys of the Arkansas firm will advise the client to accept this arrangement.

The lawyers at Worsham Law Firm are also experienced in establishing fathers’ rights, as well as getting existing child custody orders modified. Circumstances such as one parent relocating to another state or remarrying often merit changes in child custody orders and experienced attorneys can be invaluable for clients who need help with these changes.

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