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Information required by the court in child custody cases

Arkansas divorced spouses contemplating mounting a child custody battle in court may find it relevant to know what information must be submitted to the court during a child custody proceeding.

First an affidavit to the court must state the child’s current address and details of the places where the child has lived in the last five years. The information should also include the names of the people with whom the child has lived during that period.

The affidavit should also state whether either party has been part of any earlier proceeding or hearing regarding custody of the child. If they have, then the details of that court date for child custody determination should be provided to the current court proceeding.

Any proceeding that may potentially affect the current proceeding should be made known to the court. These include proceedings related to enforcement, domestic violence, termination of parental rights, protective order and so on.

Details about the person currently holding child custody should also be submitted to the court. If anyone else has claimed custody or visitation rights, details about that person also should be provided to the court.

If the court finds that relevant information has not been furnished, it may stop, or stay, the proceedings until the information is furnished. Any declaration may cause the court to request additional documentation to ascertain and understand the circumstances of the case.

Additionally, any party involved in other proceedings in another state, which may affect the proceeding of this case, must provide the details of that proceeding to the court.

The court may request information about any party connected with the case to validate details submitted for the current proceeding. If any party requests the court to keep information secret from the other party and the public, the court may instruct the information sealed or available to the public after judgment if, after consideration, the court decides disclosure is in the interest of justice.

Source:, “Arkansas UCCJEA,” Accessed on May 21, 2015

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