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Is it possible to modify the terms of a divorce?

When couples in Arkansas make the decision to divorce, they must come up with an agreement that will work for them for years to come. If an agreement cannot be reached, the family law court will step in and make decisions on behalf of the couple.

While an agreement can seem to be best in the moment, people can find that these agreements do not work into the future. Additionally, people may disagree with decisions that the court has made on their behalf. In either of these cases, Arkansas residents might wonder whether or not it is possible to modify the terms of their divorce decree.

In general, it may be possible to modify some parts of your divorce. If the judge has made the decision, it may be possible to appeal the decision to a higher court. At the appellate level, a new set of eyes will look at the record to determine if a different decision should have been made. If a couple signed a settlement agreement, then it is unlikely that they will be able to appeal the agreement.

However, a couple may have the opportunity to file a motion to modify the divorce judgment after it has been entered into in court. In general, modifications will change certain aspects of the decree, including child support, alimony or child custody arrangements. It is often necessary to show that a change of circumstances has occurred in order for the modification to be granted.

Post-divorce modification issues can be important as people try to move on with their lives. Arkansas residents should understand their legal rights when considering a modification.

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