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January is a popular month for divorce

Many Arkansas residents have likely heard the statistic that 40% of marriages end in divorce in America. The truth is that many couples hastily rush into marriages before knowing whether or not they are really compatible with one another. It usually becomes quickly apparent that a marriage is not going to work. Still, many couples choose to stick together during the holidays, despite coming to the realization that they have irreconcilable differences. After the holiday excitement dies down, it seems, many couples then choose to divorce during the month of January.

Just as some months receive monikers to celebrate certain heritages or something more inane, like a food product or pet, January is now being unofficially deemed the “Divorce Month.” It would appear as though January is a month when an increased number of people begin researching divorce options. This is based on one website’s findings that search terms such as “family law,” “child custody” and “divorce” are entered at an increased rate — a 50% increase — from December to January.

Experts point to a number of possible reasons for this increase. First, one expert claims that there is a social element involved. Couples do not, according to this expert, want to be perceived by families and friends as the kind of people who would split during the holidays. Plus, there are certain tax benefits that come with waiting until the New Year, as well as the fact that holiday bonuses can be claimed as assets if a couple holds off on divorce.

Delaying divorce until the month of January has some tangible benefits, but many couples choose to put off the divorce for less beneficial reasons. Many couples fear the divorce process and choose instead to unofficially separate. It may put some couple’s minds at ease to know that, with a strong and well-formed divorce strategy, it is possible to come to a divorce settlement that is amiable and mutually satisfactory.

Source: CNN, “In January, ‘ex’ marks the spot,” Sarah LeTrent, Jan. 17, 2014

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