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Looking at the brighter side of divorce

To many residents of Central Arkansas, divorce is synonymous with bitterness and arguments. It may be beneficial over the long term, however, to look at the positive aspects of divorce.

One commentator notes that a divorce often provides each partner the time needed to recalibrate their life. It is likely that, in the process of getting married and setting up a family, each partner has compromised an ambition or two, which can be freshly pursued after the dissolution of the marriage.

For divorcing parents, child custody-related issues may arise during and after the divorce proceedings. It then becomes important to continually keep the best interests of the children at heart to ensure they do not bear the brunt of any animosity between the parents. Children should always experience the positive presence of both parents in their lives and should not be made the focus of parental rivalries.

In some cases the divorce may have occurred as a result of one partner feeling neglected or finding it impossible to continue in the marriage for specific reasons. In such cases, partners can rediscover happiness at a later time, which can then help improve the happiness of their children. Viewing divorce as an opportunity to better oneself is a good way to improve lives all around.

Divorcing spouses have a better chance of emerging from the process with a positive attitude if the divorce proceedings were handled competently and professionally by experienced family law attorneys. The best divorce lawyers fight for their clients’ rights while avoiding unnecessary conflict and animosity.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Positive Divorce: Upward and Onward After Splitting Up,” John McElhenney, Sept. 30, 2014

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