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‘Love Will Keep Us Together’ singers file for divorce

All divorce cases are unique. Some couples may stay together for decades before finally coming to the realization that their differences are irreconcilable; others may only stay together for months, quickly realizing that the marriage is not going to work. There are also the many components of divorce to consider. Child custody, child support, property division and alimony may or may not be factors in a divorce and the degrees of their importance vary in each case. This is why each divorce needs to be carefully considered with a full understanding of the couple’s rights and the laws involved.

The 1970s music duo The Captain and Tennille are a perfect illustration of the uniqueness of every divorce case. The couple recently decided to end their 38-year marriage after stating that their marriage is irretrievably broken. The divorce will come as a surprise to any Arkansas residents who remember the couple’s hit songs with titles like “Love Will Keep Us Together.” It goes to show that divorce can happen to just about any couple at any time.

According to reports, all community property, debt and obligations are to be equitably divided. As Daryl Dragon, aka “The Captain,” and Antoinette Tennille had no children, there will be no need for child custody or support arrangements. The divorce petition also stated that Tennille was not entitled to, nor was she in need of, spousal support.

As every divorce case is unique, so should every divorce strategy account for each divorcing couple’s unique needs and desires. By looking at each individual case and tailoring a plan specific for each divorcing couple’s needs, it is possible to come to a mutually satisfactory divorce settlement.

Source: Boston Herald, “The Captain and Tennille headed for divorce,” Jan. 23, 2014

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