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Man exercises paternal rights to gain legal custody of son

Many Little Rock, Arkansas, residents who have ended a relationship may eventually end up fighting over custody of any children from the relationship. Many men may undergo a paternity test to prove a biological connection to a child in order to gain custody of that child.

The recent result of a custody battle raging since 2010 was an emotional moment for a father who was finally granted the right to raise his son.

The story began four years ago when his then-girlfriend became pregnant. He stated he could not have been happier and made sure that the expectant mother knew he wanted to raise the child. The mother seemed to have adoption in mind even though the father rejected an adoption offer from an agency.

The girlfriend gave birth to their son, stopped communication with the father and gave the child up for adoption to a couple living out of state. The father began a search for his son with even hospital officials refusing to disclose the whereabouts of the child.

When he finally realized the baby had been adopted against his expressed consent, he hired a family law attorney to fight for his parental rights and eventually won the right to raise his son.

Establishing paternity is an important legal point for any parental rights claim. A biological father can claim child custody and visitation rights. On the other hand, a paternity test can even give the mother a legal right to child support payments. Establishing the biological and legal identity of a father often helps an unmarried father contest the loss of visitation and parenting rights after a breakup with the child’s mother.

Source:, “Biological Father Granted Custody Of Son After Three Year Legal Battle,” Jonathan Wolfe, March 31, 2014

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