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More divorce rumors surround Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have been happily married for 17 years — at least according to them. If you were to listen to the rumor mill, it would seem the past 17 years have been a stressful and unhappy time for the country-singing power couple. Divorce rumors have swirled around the couple throughout their marriage, and they kicked up again over the past week.

Hill and McGraw emphatically shot down the rumors though, saying that they even though the rumors constantly follow them, there is no truth to them. One of their big worries, they say, is how these rumors affect their three children.

It may not be the perfect segue, but there are many couples across the country that may be in the theoretical situation Hill and McGraw find themselves in. In other words: there are many couples out there who may feel unhappy about their marriage, and may consider divorce as a result. However, they may feel hesitant about taking such permanent action (a divorce filing). So what kind of alternatives do they have to try to navigate this tough chapter in their lives?

Counseling is always an option, as an unhappy couple may try to talk through their issues and, through this communication learn something about themselves, their spouse and their marriage. It could lead them out of the bad times.

Another option is legal separation. Legal separation is different from divorce in that the couple is still married. During this legal separation, the spouses can live apart and essentially take a “trial” run at what divorced life would feel like. Maybe the time apart makes them understand how much they need their spouse; or maybe it confirms to them that a divorce is the right way to go. Either way, the legal separation can be a great option for a couple considering divorce.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Tim McGraw, Faith Hill deny divorce rumors,” Christie D’Zurilla, Nov. 18, 2013

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