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New website tries to ease the divorce process

Many people in Little Rock, Arkansas would agree that ending a marriage is often financially and emotionally draining with some divorce decrees taking several years to finalize. The intervening period is usually spent worrying about the consequences of divorce and new life circumstances that might arise. This worry is in addition to the usual divorce concerns of child custody, child support, spousal support and asset division.

A West Coast-based company based recently made headlines by operating a website that utilizes computer software to connect couples contemplating divorce with local lawyers. According to the chief executive officer, the company may not be able to save marriages but it can ease the process of divorce by making is less financially stressful. According to reports, the company claims that a divorce finalized through its website can cost, on average, $5,000 with some divorces being finalized for a fee as low as $1,800.

In addition to saving money, the website also offers counseling and mediation regarding various aspects related to divorce. The company’s CEO added that the company has people available to counsel and mediate couples’ concerns during a divorce because it understands the numerous types of stresses associated with the process.

One example of this website’s success is provided by a couple from Idaho, who ended a 15-year marriage through the website’s services. According to reports, the couple had seen many of their friends go through nasty divorce battles and wished for an amicable split, specifically keeping in mind the emotional well-being of their 12-year-old son.

However, some experts believe that this website may not be an appropriate route to take for all separating couples, especially if a significant amount of bitterness already exists between the spouses. In such cases, a couple would not be able to complete the entire process and then must resort to hiring a lawyer to mediate or litigate a divorce, which possibly may have been the right choice in the first place.

Source: ABC News, “”New Website ‘Wevorce’ Eases Grueling Divorce Process,” July 23, 2014

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