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Rapper Ludacris takes steps to acknowledge paternity of child

When an unmarried couple in Arkansas has a child, there may be valid reasons for them to establish paternity should their relationship not last. Doing so can protect the rights of both the child’s mother and the father, and more importantly it can ensure the child’s needs are met.

Rapper Ludacris has recently acknowledged that he is the biological father of a nearly 1-month-old infant girl. The rap star, legally known as Christopher Bridges, has filed the necessary documents with the court to establish paternity. By doing so, Ludacris hopes to have more of a say in any child support awards issued. With a monthly income of approximately $25,000, his child support payments would be around $1,700. His net worth is estimated to be $12 million.

Establishing paternity is important for both mothers and fathers. Not only does it make a father responsible for child support, but it also allows him to seek him the right to visitation with and custody of his child. When an unmarried couple wishes to establish paternity, they may create and sign a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity, which will then be filed with the court. In other situations, a DNA test will be issued to establish paternity. Blood tests have been shown to have an accuracy rate of about 99 percent.

Those wishing to learn more about paternity laws in Arkansas may choose to discuss the matter with a family law professional who can offer guidance in such matters. With this legal assistance, a mother or a father may be able to reach an outcome that supports what really matters: the best interests of the child.

Source: BET, “Ludacris Admits Paternity of Baby Girl,” Evelyn Diaz, Jan. 2, 2014

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