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Singer Jewel, rodeo cowboy husband Ty Murray headed for divorce

They say marriages are made in heaven and are meant to last a lifetime. Romantic as it may be, some marriages fail to stand the test of time, and in Arkansas and throughout the country, a large number of marriages fall apart. Although some marriages fall apart due to increasing bitterness between spouses, a significant number of modern-day marriages end when the husband and wife realize that there are simply other things in life they value more than their marriage.

Recently, news of such a divorce appeared in newspapers and television channels across the country when singer Jewel and her husband Ty Murray, a professional rodeo cowboy, announced their divorce. Jewel and Murray got married in 2008 after dating for ten years. In 2011, they had their only child, a boy.

Jewel said in her blog that she wants to part amicably and did not want any bitterness to creep into their relationship at the time of their separation. The singer also mentioned that both she and her husband valued growth in their careers and as a couple they felt that their growth was stifled. She said that by going their separate ways, they will be able to concentrate on their careers, and in the process, they expect to find happiness.

The separating couple also issued a joint statement mentioning that their love and affection toward their son would remain unaffected and that they will put forth their best efforts to ensure that they prove to be great parents to their child. They expressed their intention of remaining on cordial terms, and even hinted at sharing custody of their son.

Considering how important peoples’ ambitions have become nowadays, it may indeed be beneficial to call off a marriage instead of trudging along with its burden. However, even in an amicable split between spouses, certain crucial aspects pertaining to divorce, including child custody, property division, spousal support and child support need to be addressed, and professional help may prove to be beneficial to the couple.

Source: CNN, “Jewel, husband Ty Murray to divorce,” Breeanna Hare, July 2, 2014

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