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Strategies for promoting better parenting in Arkansas

Parenting skills can make or break a child’s future, so lawmakers in Arkansas have designed some strategies that promote better parenting and responsible fatherhood. These programs encourage divorcing parents or fathers to give proper care and child support to their children so that their education and future do not suffer. Here are some strategies by the state legislators that promote better parenting for the upbringing of their children.

State-Funded Direct Service Parenting/Responsible Fatherhood Programs – the Health and Human Services Department in Arkansas provides education classes for parents that primarily focus on behavior management, anger management and child development. The state uses federal funds for education programs for fathers that include relationship skills training, family functioning and parenting.

There are several programs that specifically work to prevent unwanted or early fatherhood. Family planning programs are offered to men and women who seek help from contraceptive services and medical care.

There is also the Family and Medical Leave Act under which parents are entitled to take a 12-week unpaid leave after childbirth or adoption, or during an illness. New parents can also take a leave of up to 1 year to take care of their newborn.

State commission has also established Domestic Violence Services for the victims of child abuse, rape and domestic violence. These services help enhance investigation, treatment and prevention of such crimes. There is also a provision for legal and medical advice. Special hotlines and support groups are available for domestic violence victims.

Divorcing parents have the right to file a petition to determine child custody under the Child Custody Policy. These decisions by a court usually depend on the best interests of the child. These parental services and programs are not only intended to promote better parenting, but they also help protect parental rights. If, as a single parent, you are facing paternity fraud or a custody issue, getting more information may be extremely beneficial.

Source:, “Strategies Intended to Promote Parenting and Responsible Fatherhood,” accessed on March 5, 2015

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