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The importance of establishing parental rights

Establishing paternity holds a lot of importance for parents, as well as for kids in Arkansas and elsewhere throughout the United States. If a child’s biological father is not known, the mother will not be able to give the father’s name to her children and will not be able to ask for financial support. Paternity issues mainly occur when the father is not married to his child’s mother.

Parents who do not sign the recognition of parentage can face a lot of difficulties while raising the child due to a lack of parental rights under the law. Therefore, it is helpful to have an experienced lawyer by your side when you have doubts and issues regarding paternity or fatherhood.

Our law firm provides legal services to parents who are having difficulty establishing fatherhood. We have extensive experience and expertise in solving paternity issues. Our goal is to do whatever we can to serve the best interest of each child and parent who is involved in the situation.

Establishing paternity is important for fathers, since it helps them to stay involved with their child as he or she grows up. It also gives them the right to ask for custody and visitation rights, which are otherwise not granted by the court. Fathers also can address their children’s health care needs by putting them on their medical and dental insurance. Our pool of experienced attorneys will not only help minimize the hassle involved in the complicated process of establishing fatherhood, but will offer the best guidance so that the decision is likely to turn out in the best interest of the child.

Mothers can ask for financial help from the child’s father to ensure that the child gets the proper education and medical care. If either the man and woman – or both – are unsure as to the identity of the biological father of the child, it is wise to seek advice from a qualified family law attorney.

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