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Valentine’s Day conversation pieces for divorcees

As many Arkansas residents are likely aware, divorce affects how some holidays are celebrated. This is especially true for Valentine’s Day. But this does not have to be so. People going through a divorce can use this time not to fester in resentment, but to have productive conversations with their soon-to-be ex-spouses.

One columnist suggests that divorcing couples use Valentine’s Day as a motivator to get the ball rolling in their divorce proceedings. It can be a great time to open up lines of communication with their soon-to-be exes about piecing together the financial paperwork needed in order for the proceedings to begin.

In order for things like property division to proceed smoothly, it is necessary to have a complete picture of the couple’s financial situation, which requires them to gather a number of necessary financial documents. It may also require the couple to work together, so this might not be a bad way to spend Valentine’s Day — locating and copying the necessary documents. Doing this can help the couple focus on productive matters, like securing their finances, and can help avoid the emotional pain that often comes with dwelling on the end of a marriage.

A successful divorce often comes down to a mutually satisfactory property division. In order to achieve this, couples need to have a clear understanding of their financial picture, as well as their respective legal rights. Divorce is primarily a legal and financial process and it is prudent for those going through it to plan ahead and protect their rights. By doing so, they are often able to start a new stage of their lives on a solid financial footing.

Source: Forbes, “Candy ‘Conversation Hearts’ For Divorcing Women On Valentine’s Day,” Jeff Landers, Feb. 11, 2014

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