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What are the grounds for divorce in Arkansas?

According to some studies, divorce may be on the rise in the United States. In Arkansas, the grounds for absolute divorce include impotency, habitual drunkenness for a year and felony conviction. Another absolute ground for divorce is the barbarous treatment of a spouse that could have endangered the person’s life. If a spouse misbehaves with another or causes indignity to the spouse, then that is also sufficient grounds for divorce.

As with most other states, adultery in Arkansas is also grounds for divorce, as well as if the spouses have been living separately for one-and-a-half years. It does not matter if the separation is intentional or by mutual consent, but an 18-month separation is sufficient grounds for divorce.

If the spouses have been separated for three years because one of the spouses is not of sound mental health, the other spouse can file for divorce by showing proof of insanity that has been certified by two physicians. The spouse who is applying for divorce on the grounds of insanity must also provide a certificate from the superintendent of the institution where the other spouse is confined.

If the divorce is being sought on the grounds of insanity, the spouse who is filing for divorce has to appoint a person for the maintenance and care of the defendant. This guardian will be responsible for the welfare of the insane person.

When a spouse has failed to support the other willfully, this condition is sufficient grounds for divorce as well. In Arkansas, these grounds for divorce must be proved in a court of law and cannot be waived off.

Source:, “Grounds for Divorce”, Accessed on Nov.19, 2014

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