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School superintendent resigns after ex-student’s paternity claim

Arkansas courts can require a paternity test to determine the true identity of a child’s father. The procedure is often ordered in cases where child support is at stake and a putative father denies parenting the child. In cases involving child support, legally establishing parentage compels fathers to take responsibility for their actions. In a Read More

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Grandparents use guardianship to care for grandchildren

Under the laws of most states, including those of Arkansas, a guardian is someone who holds the legal authority to make decisions for and on behalf of a child. If parents are not able to take care of their children for some reason, then guardians can be given responsibility to act as the children’s parents. Read More

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Guardianship better option than abusive mother for child’s safety

To a parent, nothing should be more important than their child. They can take any measure for the protection and well-being of their children. Unfortunately, in some cases, the parents are not able to provide the care that the children deserve. Here, the legal process intervenes and arranges for a guardianship for the child. In Read More

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The need for some changes in the child custody system

Family law cases in Arkansas can be quite tiring and difficult for those involved. When legal hassles intervene with family matters, it can turn into a bitter issue. When legal battles involve children, it can turn out to be a major cause of concern. Children need both parents during their formative years. It is very Read More

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