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Information required by the court in child custody cases

Arkansas divorced spouses contemplating mounting a child custody battle in court may find it relevant to know what information must be submitted to the court during a child custody proceeding. First an affidavit to the court must state the child’s current address and details of the places where the child has lived in the last Read More

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Are assistance payments available to family guardians?

As in most states, family courts in Arkansas have the power to award the custody of children to relatives when parents are unable to retain custody of their children. In many cases, however, nonparental custody creates financial burdens that are hard for people to shoulder without some outside help. Fortunately, in these cases, the state Read More

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Factors considered when determining alimony

Divorced spouses may be aware that the spouse who earns a smaller income may be entitled to alimony from the other spouse. However, it is also important to note that the decision to award alimony lies solely at the discretion of the court and the court’s decision is generally irreversible. The basic purpose of alimony Read More

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Co-parenting as an alternative to bitter child custody battles

Divorced spouses in Arkansas may agree that child custody issues are often more demanding than the divorce battle itself. Generally, child custody is awarded to one parent and the other parent is required to pay child support. This custody decision made by the court is solely based on what it deems to be the best Read More

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