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Unique adoption: older sister brings home 16-year-old brother

Many residents of Pulaski, Arkansas, would agree that adoption is one of the blessings of the modern legal system. It helps couples who wish to bring home a child who is desperately in need of a family. In a way, adoption enables two broken puzzle pieces to come together as a whole. What better example Read More

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A compassionate divorce may be beneficial for everyone

A divorce can sometimes be a long, drawn out legal battle. However, a divorce does not always have to be a battle if spouses can rise above the fray with a little kindness. Legal separation may often lead to acrimony in a broken family, but having empathy may be beneficial to the process, especially for Read More

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Steps people must take when ex-spouses travel abroad with a child

In America, different states follow different child custody laws. For instance, in Arkansas, a court will base its decision on various factors that would serve the best interests of the child. It would prefer the child to have continuous contact with both parents or that the parents have joint custody, if they meet all of Read More

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Actor’s long-term fight for paternal rights continues

When family dynamics change radically and quickly, establishing who should be considered a legitimate father can be very complicated and contentious. And if it involves a well-known couple, it can become fodder for endless speculation and extensive media coverage. Little Rock, Arkansas family law attorneys will attest that paternity issues are approached in varied and Read More

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Arkansas judge hears challenge to gay marriage ban

In recent times, advocates of same-sex marriages have exerted great pressure on state governments across the United States to recognize and legitimize gay marriages. A Washington Post-ABC News survey that was conducted in March this year showed that 58 percent of Americans want legal status for gay marriages. Currently, 33 states have limitations and restrictions Read More

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