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April 2015
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The importance of establishing parental rights

Establishing paternity holds a lot of importance for parents, as well as for kids in Arkansas and elsewhere throughout the United States. If a child’s biological father is not known, the mother will not be able to give the father’s name to her children and will not be able to ask for financial support. Paternity Read More

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How expensive is it to adopt a child in Arkansas

Prospective parents who are looking to adopt a child in Arkansas are often concerned about the costs of the process and the expenses afterward. Having a child is expensive, no matter how or she enters a family, but adoption can be less expensive than pregnancy and childbirth. Finding out about the types of adoption that Read More

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Actor Jeremy Runner awarded joint custody of 2-year-old daughter

Whether divorcing parents are high-profile celebrities or an ordinary Arkansas couple, child custody can be the most complicated aspect of a divorce. Recently, Oscar-nominated actor Jeremy Runner and his estranged wife were awarded the joint custody of their two-year-old daughter. The actor’s wife, who is a full-time model, filed for divorce within a year after Read More

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What does Arkansas law require of court-appointed guardians?

Under Arkansas law, people who apply to become guardians of others must meet certain requirements for appointment, including being at least age 18. If they are appointed as guardians of minor children or incapacitated persons, they must also meet certain guidelines established by state law to protect the best interests of their wards. So what Read More

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Helping Little Rock residents with paternity matters

For many years, the tender years doctrine guided Arkansas family court decisions regarding child custody. This doctrine enforced the belief that after a divorce or separation, a child’s best interests could only be protected and represented by the child’s mother. However, fathers’ rights are now being pressed and family courts are increasingly analyzing the best Read More

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